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  • Purchase Motor Insurance
  • Renew Roadworthy Certificate
  • On Demand Servicing & Repairs
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All Car Care services are provided at your convenience.

Your time is precious to us


We guarantee top quality services at an affordable price

You will not believe it


All our services are provided genuinely. We only deal with the approved authorities

No Back door.


Purchase Motor Insurance

Browse through a list of insurance premiums from top insurance companies in Ghana. Purchase a cover of your choice and have the policy sticker delivered to your home or office. Car Care also helps you process insurance claims.

Road Worthy

Renew Roadworthy Certificate

Schedule a date and time and have one of our drivers come pick up your car and send it to a Vehicle Inspection Center. Your car will pass through the actual certification process. Your car will be delivered to you immediately your car is certified. You do not have to worry about your car because we value your car as much as you do and we treat it as such. But not to worry, in case something happens we also carry a Car Care Protection Plan.

Roadside Assistence

Emergency Roadside Assistance

In an event where your car lets you down on the road, Car Care has you covered. We provide towing and mechanic services during such circumstances. Emergency Roadside Assist is membership based. Customers who purchase insurance through Car Care have a discount on membership.


Car Maintenance & Repairs

Have a mechanic come to your home or office to fix a problem with your car or for regular maintenance. Schedule a particular service ahead of time and have a mechanic come to your home or office. The mechanic will arrive with all the parts and tools. All servicing records are kept online and attached to your Car Care account so you can have a history of it.

How it works

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How to Renew your insurance

  • 1 Purchase Insurance via the Car Care App or speak to a Car Care Agent.
  • 2 Car Care will deliver your policy and cover to you.
How to renew Motor Insurance

How to Renew your Roadworthy

  • 1 Request for a trained Car Care driver to come for your car.
  • 2 Your car will be taken to a nearby PVTS and have your car tested.
  • 3 Your car will be returned to you when your roadworthy certificate is renewed.
How to renew Motor Insurance

How can we help?

Our service team is available 5 days a week, from 8am to 5pm

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